The lab is seeking new members at several training levels. Candidates with specific interest related to ongoing research in our lab will be given priority. If you are interested, please send an email to Prof. Joshi (ne.joshi@northeastern.edu) with your CV and your research interests. We continually strive to recruit a diverse group of lab members. 


We are currently accepting enthusiastic undergraduates who are interested in joining the lab in various roles – co-ops, work study, REUs, research-for-credit, etc. Check out our research topics to find a project that interests you. We have several spin-off projects that you can pursue, under the guidance of a senior lab member. We are also open to new project proposals within our range of expertise. 

Lab Tech

We are currently hiring for a laboratory technician position. Duties may include aspects of lab management, like ordering, safety compliance, and experimental preparation. Options for engagement in original research are also available.

Graduate Students

We welcome graduate students in Masters and Ph.D. programs. Our group can currently accept graduate students from the Chemistry and Chemical Biology and Bioengineering programs at Northeastern. If you are interested, please apply to the program and contact Prof. Joshi to notify him of your interest.


We are seeking postdocs who are interested in working at the cutting-edge of Engineered Living Materials and materials biomanufacturing. Candidates with backgrounds in synthetic biology, chemistry, materials science, microbiology, and immunology are of great interest, though all will be considered.

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