The Joshi Lab

Biologically Fabricated Materials


Our lab works at the interface of Synthetic Biology, Synthetic Chemistry, and Materials Science. Many of our projects focus on modifying microbes through genetic engineering, synthetic chemistry, or other means in order to program them to make materials with specified functions. Some of our projects focus on the fundamental development of new molecules and organisms while others focus on using these platforms to solve specific problems that affect humanity. 

New publication on the trade-off between protein secretion and growth in E. coli Nissle 1917

Congrats to Siva Emani, Anton Kan, Timothy Storms, Shanna Bonanno and all the other co-authors on our new paper published in Synthetic Biology! The paper characterizes the relationship between protein secretion and cellular growth. This work was conducted using E....

Congrats to Abi and Solomon on completing summer research!

Congratulations to Abi and Solomon on completing your summer research in the Joshi lab! Good luck with the rest of your undergraduate studies!

Gut pathogen sequestration paper featured in Drug Discovery News!

The Joshi lab's work in gut pathogen sequestration was highlighted in a Drug Discovery News article! Check it out here!

Congratulations to Brian Cho on graduating!

Congratulations to Brian Cho for graduating with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering! Brian is heading over to MIT to start his Ph.D. in Bioengineering in the fall!

Congratulations to Pranav and Bala for starting Co-op!

Congratulations to Pranav for starting Co-op at Seres Therapeutics and to Bala for starting Co-op at Abbvie!

Belated congratulations to Tim Storms on graduating!

A much belated congratulations to Tim Storms for completing his undergraduate capstone project, entitled "Identifying Sources of Cellular Stress in the E. coli Curli Secretion Pathway" and graduating with a B.S. in Biochemistry.

New publication on preventing gut infections with engineered probiotics

Congrats to Ilia Gelfat, M.B. Avinash, Hann Tu, and all the other co-authors on our new paper out in PLoS Pathogens! The paper describes the use of engineered protein (curli) fibers, produced by a probiotic bacterium to block the...

New publication on 3D-printable microbial inks

Congrats to Avinash Manjula-Basavanna and Anna Duraj-Thatte - co-first authors on a new paper in Nature Communications! The paper describes their efforts to engineer curli-fiber-producing bacteria to form a shear-thinning hydrogel that can be printed into...

Congrats to two newly minted PhDs from our group!

Congratulations to Dan Birnbaum and Ilia Gelfat, who both defended their PhD theses in the last week. Both Zoom defenses went very smoothly and their respective committees had no trouble agreeing that they passed!

New paper on bacteria that autonomously produce cellulose capsules!

Congrats to Dan Birnbaum and Avinash Manjula-Basavanna on their new publication "Hybrid Living Capsules Autonomously Produced by Engineered Bacteria", out now in Advanced Science. You can find our author final draft before peer review can be read on bioRxiv. The paper...
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