Engineered Living Materials

We seek to create living materials through a combination of cellular engineering, novel biopolymer biosynthesis, and practical fabrication methods.

Living Bacterial Therapeutics

We seek to develop therapeutics composed of living engineered bacteria, targeted to the tissues of the gastrointestinal tract.

Microbial Manufacturing

We seek to develop streamlined approaches to scalable materials manufacturing using custom biopolymers. We are developing these materials to be more sustainable and better-performing replacements for plastics, coatings, and building materials.

Custom Affinity Separation Media

We seek to create affinity separations media for customized applications, including water decontamination and resource extraction.

Biofilm Integrated Nanofiber Display (BIND)

This is a central platform technology developed by our lab. We seek to continue its development as a versatile and practical materials synthesis method using a combination of biopolymer and organismal engineering.

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