Belated congratulations to Tim Storms on graduating!

A much belated congratulations to Tim Storms for completing his undergraduate capstone project, entitled “Identifying Sources of Cellular Stress in the E. coli Curli Secretion Pathway” and graduating with a B.S. in Biochemistry.

New publication on 3D-printable microbial inks

Congrats to Avinash Manjula-Basavanna and Anna Duraj-Thatte – co-first authors on a new paper in Nature Communications! The paper describes their efforts to engineer curli-fiber-producing bacteria to form a shear-thinning hydrogel that can be printed into...

Preprint on Stiff Living Materials

Check out our recent preprint entitled “Robust, Self-Regeneratable Living Materials”! This work, by Avinash Manjula-Basavanna and Anna Duraj-Thatte, describes the fabrication of macroscopic, stiff, semi-transparent materials directly from drying microbial...
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